did you know?

  1. Dogs bark or bite due to fear and pain (caused by human threat or due to injury or disease).

  2. First-time/inexperienced pet guardians often interpret barking/biting as aggression, when the problem is their failure to understand the reasons for their dog’s behavior.

  3. Dogs who are not spayed or neutered are much more likely to exhibit violent behavior than dogs who are fixed.

  4. Dogs who gather and chew some of your items might be communicating boredom and the need for a walk or for your attention about their situation.

  5. No breed should be viewed as undesirable just because false information about them is widespread.

  6. Stray dogs exist because their human parents abandon them or fail to spay/neuter them resulting in more homeless dogs.

  7. Stray dogs have strong immune responses because they are often mixed within breeds. This makes them less vulnerable to inherited diseases which are more likely in pure-bred dogs.

  8. Dogs dream like people do. If you’ve ever noticed your dog twitching or cycling his legs in his sleep, this probably means he’s dreaming.

  9. Tail wagging has its own language, including happiness and other emotions.

  10. Dogs have a “sixth sense”. They whine or try to hide in a safe place right before a storm or something bad happens. There are even reports that dogs can sense illnesses, like cancer.

  11. Persistent bad breath in dogs can be a sign of health problems or dental disease. If in doubt, consult your vet.

  12. Dogs yawn when sleepy, but also for other reasons: to calm themselves down, so repeated yawns could be a sign of anxiety.

  13. Dogs are desperate for stimulation. In addition to daily walks, your dog also needs mental stimulation through play. ​What your dog wants most is quality time with their favorite person: You.

  14. Petting a dog can lower your blood pressure, but if you want a companion pet, make sure you have what it takes to adopt and care for that pet.

  15. A dog might feel threatened by a head pat from a stranger, especially when the human stands over the dog. Instead, crouch down to their height and let them come to you.

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