How many dogs does Woof N’ Wags have?

Woof N’ Wags has 300 rescue dogs of all ages and sizes, most of them mixed breeds rescued from horrible conditions from the streets and villages of Lebanon. Woof N' Wags is also home to Lebanon's first rescue pig (as far as we know), called Dixon and rescued as a baby from the slaughter fate that was awaiting him.

Where is Woof N’ Wags located?

Woof N’ Wags is located in the Saida region of South Lebanon.

Is Woof N’ Wags a no-kill shelter?

Yes. We believe in the value of life and the right to live a pain-free life, for all animals. We’ve brought to vibrant life rescue dogs that many had recommended we put to sleep. Just because it may be inconvenient or costly doesn’t mean we — or anyone — has the right to put a dog to sleep, who wants to live and can live a pain-free life given the suitable medical treatment.

What is Woof N’ Wags’ mission?

When funds and shelter space allow, Woof N’ Wags mission is to rescue injured and sick stray/abused/abandoned dogs in immediate danger in the South Lebanon region. Due to the lack of suitable adopters and foster homes one hand, and limited space and funds on the other hand, Woof N’ Wags shelter is currently full. This prevents us from fully pursuing our mission and forces us to focus primarily on sustaining the dogs we have already rescued.

Can I adopt a dog from your shelter?

Yes, if you meet our qualifications. Fill out the adoption form to start the process.

Who runs Woof N' Wags and rescues dogs in need?

Our Team page features the group’s rescuers/co-founders.

Do you partner with businesses or organizations who donate?

Yes! Learn how to become a partner and see our Partners page.

Where does the money go when I donate to Woof N’ Wags?

100% of donations goes straight to the rescue dogs, for food supply, emergency and long-term veterinary care, and spaying/neutering.

How can I make a donation to Woof N’ Wags?

Click here to see the various ways you can make a donation. Since we don’t get support from any local or foreign organization, donations are the lifeline of our shelter and rescue work. Woof N’ Wags is funded only by a handful of donors, mostly outside Lebanon.

Can I meet you in Beirut to donate money or items?

Yes. Contact us to schedule a pickup.

Where can I watch some of your livestreamed rescue videos and shelter videos?

A selection of our videos is available to watch here and here, on our Facebook page, and our YouTube channel.

Where can I get quick facts about dogs in general?

Visit our blog for articles about animals and dog care.